Finance solutions for forward-looking teams.

Embracing digital technologies is the only path to achieve greater efficiencies and top-line growth. Explore Workday Enterprise Management Cloud to learn how we equip high-performing finance teams.


Workday Enterprise Management Cloud propels finance digital transformation.

Agility moves finance forward.

Siloed data prevents you from quickly responding to change. Our solutions for the office of the CFO account, consolidate, report, analyze, and plan more effectively in one system so you can pivot faster.

CFOs and ERP Success

Digital transformation trends.


Workday Enterprise Management Cloud empowers finance teams with an intelligent data core.

Become decision-ready.

To make the most of your data you need an intelligent data core. Only Workday provides native dimensionality for more granular insights that surface what’s driving profitability. Empower your finance teams to easily report on multiple data sources, resulting in faster time to action for both executives and frontline decision-makers.

“We have financial results the minute a transaction is posted. No waiting.”

A more agile organization.

Build a data-driven enterprise.


Workday Financial Management processes are powered by AI/ML.

Touchless transaction processing.

Workday sets a new standard for efficiency. With ML embedded into finance processes to detect anomalies, identify exceptions, and make recommendations, finance teams spend more time on strategic decision support.

Solutions for intelligent automation.

Strategies to reduce friction in finance.


Workday Adaptive Planning:modern planning software with predictive insights

Plan in real time with predictive insights.

See what’s happening now and forecast what’s next. Only Workday enables you to plan with interactive actuals, connect to any ERP/GL, leverage ML-powered anomaly detection, and drive dynamic plans and scenario models across your enterprise.

“Our performance as a company is dependent on accurate, continuous planning and a deep understanding of our risks and variables.”

Agile planning strategies.

ChristianaCare on monthly forecasting.


Workday procurement software.

Boost procurement’s impact.

Revolutionize procurement processing through seamless engagement, maximum visibility, and ML-enabled automation. Deliver bottom line results and be a hero to the organization.

Proactive spend management solution.

Workday has ESG solutions for the Office of the CFO.


Create a sustainable future.

Investors expect companies to take the long view toward creating resilient, sustainable business models for a rapidly changing world. Explore how Workday helps meet growing regulatory and investor expectations.

Centralize and operationalize ESG data.

ESG best practices.

Explore how Workday can help you.