Innovate at the speed of change.

Stay at the forefront of innovation and scale for growth. Workday delivers a flexible system that evolves with your needs. So you can focus on what you do best: pioneering the next big thing.

Automates revenue recognition using a customer-centric quote-to-cash process.

Sees real-time utilization metrics for employees, gaining operational excellence with PSA.

Automates 90% of cost allocations using automated and scalable finance.

Completes forecasts 20% faster using continuous and company-wide planning.

Deploys requisitions in 60+ countries to build a workforce for the future of tech.


A use for all aspects of your organization.

With the Industry Accelerator for Technology, you benefit from a global ecosystem of partners to help you adapt, innovate, and scale—all while fast-tracking your digital transformation.

Customer-Centric Quote-to-Cash Process

Operational Excellence with PSA

Automated and Scalable Finance

Continuous and Company-Wide Planning

Workforce for the Future of Technology

Build a robust analytics foundation.

Included with Workday HCM, this powerful analytics and reporting toolkit makes it easy to analyze your data in the same system where you make decisions and plan.

Self-service reporting, at your service.

Visualize your data and perform ad-hoc analysis with detailed reports and pre-built, configurable dashboards.

Private, secure data, all in one place.

Role-based access gives you peace of mind when sharing sensitive worker and business data with necessary stakeholders and decision makers.

Pay Equity Discovery Board Showing Current Worker Data

See how Workday transforms technology organizations.

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